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Our Story


We hope to bring health and wellness to Duchesne!


The Kitchen at Nourish is now open for you to enjoy a nutritious smoothie or our nutrient-dense snack packs. The Pantry is stocked with Healthier-For-You snacks, nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, and other items you need to get feeling better!


Right now the following services are available at Nourish:


* Foot Zone Therapy by Liz Ivie

* Foot Zone Therapy by Kim Swasey

* Massage Therapy by Rebecca Jones

* Massage Therapy by Elizabeth Keate

* Wellness Adjustment, Dr Kelby Martin

* Acupuncture and Chiropractic care from        Dr. Dummar at Community Health              and Wellness.


We can’t wait to meet you and to help you take a step to a happier healthier life!

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